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Jan 18, 2021 21:01


This Guide explains how to get the location of the nearest W-AIR Base Station in W-AIR Network in case of emergency alarm triggered on W-AIR Handset.

  • W-AIR firmware: 0501b5
  • WMS version: 5.02.20201207.3
  • W-AIR documentation: Link

Created: December 2020



  • Hardware/ Virtual PBX
  • W-AIR Network 
  • W-AIR firmware v. 0501b5

W-AIR configuration

  1. Go to the web interface of the Primary W-AIR Base Station -> Management
  2. Enable Text Messaging 
  3. Set PBX as Text Messaging & Alarm Server
  4. Change Text Messaging Port to 9300 

  • Reboot the W-AIR base

PBX configuration

  • Edit call file template config located in the file /var/lib/callweaver/dialplan/alarm.template. 
# Call file template. Supported values (should be in {{}}):
# ID1, ID2 ... - RFPI Addresses, 10 hex digits, in descending signals level order, check it on the web interface of a base, Home/Status page
# SHORTID1, SHORTID2 ... - 2 last digits of IDs
# LEVEL1, LEVEL2 ... - corresponding signal levels, optional
# EXTENSION - extention of alarmed device
# NAME - user name of alarmed device
# TYPE - type of alarm, one decimal digit, check it on the web interface of a base, Alarm page, Idx column
Channel: Local/alarms@alarm-wair
Callerid: "{{NAME}}" <{{EXTENSION}}>
WaitTime: 60
MaxRetries: 3
RetryTime: 30
Context: alarm-wair, specify Dialpan procedure used for managing W-AIR calls here
Extension: {{SHORTID1}}{{TYPE}}
Priority: 1
Setvar: base={{ID1}}

  • Edit Dialpan procedure used for managing W-AIR calls. For example:
  1. Custom application -> Set(WAIR_mac_address=${SIPCHANINFO(useragent):-27:12})
  2. Custom application -> Dial(SIP/100&SIP/300,30,A(00000/wair_${WAIR_mac_address}&00000/call_from_ext_${CALLERID(num)}))


  • SIP/100&SIP/300 - extension of Calls groups
  • 30 - indicates call timeout (in seconds, can be customized)
  • ${WAIR_mac_address} - returns the mac address of the Base on which the handset is registered
  • ${CALLERID (num)}  - returns the extension number of the caller
  • 00000/wair _${WAIR_mac_address} and 00000/call_from_ext _${CALLERID(num)} - indicate paths to recorded audio files. You need to add separate audio files to WMS -> Sounds, one for each W-AIR base station in the Network and each user who sends an emergency call

  • Start W-AIR alarms service on the PBX and enable it permanently:

    # systemctl start wairmsg
    # systemctl enable wairmsg

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