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Nov 18, 2019 07:13

How to configure and use CLASSOUND

CLASSOUND is a VoIP operator platform provided by Wildix. If you are interested in setting up CLASSOUND trunk, please contact Wildix SAT for ordering DID numbers/ pricing/ billing and other questions.

Available starting from WMS version 4.01.44081.22 and higher.

Web page:

Created: May 2019



CLASSOUND is a built-in trunk implemented as a new Dialplan procedure "classound" in WMS -> Dialplan -> Dialplan rules. The new procedure is created automatically after upgrading a PBX. 

Managing calls

Outgoing calls 

IMPORTANT: use E.164 (international) number format for outgoing calls.

To route outgoing calls via CLASSOUND trunk, modify the Dialplan procedure used for managing outgoing calls (e.g. “users”). For example, add the Dialplan application "Dial the trunk" -> select "classound" from the list of trunks.

How to make sure calls that correct caller number is set for outgoing calls via CLASSOUND?

You have several options (in our example we will use the phone number +3904611715111):

  • You can add this phone number as "Office number" in WMS → Users, and it will be used as Caller Number when outgoing calls are placed from those users:

  • You can set this phone number as Caller Number explicitly in your Dialplan that manages outgoing calls (by default, users) before routing the call through "classound" trunk:

  • You can ask Wildix to set a default phone number for this PBX.

E.g. you have purchased five phone numbers, you can ask Wildix to set one of these phone numbers as the default phone number for this PBX. This number will be used as Caller Number when outgoing calls are placed from users who have no "office number" configured, and in case Caller Number is not set in the Dialplan procedure that manages outgoing calls before routing calls via "classound" trunk.

Configuration example for Italian numbers

Configuration example for other numbers

(French numbers are taken as an example): 

Important: For outgoing calls to emergency numbers in all countries, use local supported trunks as such calls cannot be routed via CLASSOUND.

The configuration example:

  • 1XX -> a called number pattern to cover the range of emergency numbers
  • Dial the trunk - local trunk - local -> outgoing calls are routed via local trunk

Incoming calls

To route incoming calls via CLASSOUND trunk, modify the default Dialplan procedure "classsound".

The configuration example. 

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