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Sep 29, 2021 01:46

How to automatically broadcast messages over W-PA at the fixed time

The Document explains how to configure automatic announcements to be played back over W-PA at the fixed time using cron schedule.

Initial W-PA Documentation (how to provision, assign to user etc.): W-PA SIP Public Announcer - Admin Manual

Created: April 2019


Dialplan configuration 

You can use the following Custom application to play back pre-recorded messages:

  • Custom application -> Page(Local/911@pbxservices,nA(00000/WPA))


911 - Feature Code "Paging" + Paging Group ID where the device is present

00000/WPA - pre-recorded message

Cron file setting up

  • Connect via SSH and run the following command to edit crontab file or create a new one if it doesn't exist:
crontab -e -u root

  • In the cron file, specify the time at which pre-recorded messages have to be played back (1 line) and run the command applying API Originate (2 line) :
*/2 * * * *
curl -u admin:password -k -X POST --data-urlencode "channel=Local/112@users" --data-urlencode "exten=112" --data-urlencode "context=users" --data-urlencode "priority=1" --data-urlencode "callerid=\"Announcer\" <112>"


*/2 * * * * - the string that runs the next command every 2 minutes. More information about crontab syntax: LINK

admin:password - admin credentials of your PBX

112 - the extension number of W-PA user

users - Dialplan procedure where the called number is matched

Announcer - the name of W-PA user

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