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Oct 13, 2019 23:59

DaySaver Quick Installation Guide

DaySaver Quick Installation Guide describes how to connect and configure the gateway. 

DaySaver Datasheet: Media Gateways Datasheet

WMS Version: starting from 3.88.43544.04/ 4.01.43713.08

SMS Support: starting from firmware version (currently available only in WMS 4.01)

Updated: April 2019


Overview and LED indicators

DaySaver Overview

Front panel:

1 - SIM slot: insert and press a SIM card to the slot

2 - SIM LED indicator: shows SIM registration status

3 - LAN LED indicator

4 - Running indicator: indicates network registration status

5 - Power indicator: shows power supply status

6 - WAN LED indicator

7 - 2 antennas: one for data connections; another one - for calls and SMS

Rear panel:

1 - DC 12V power supply (optional)

2 - WAN/ PoE port 

3 - LAN port (static IP address

4 - Reset button

5 - Reboot button

LED indicators description

PWROffThere is no power supply or it is abnormal
OnThe device is powered on
RUNOffThe device is not running normally
OnThe device is being initialized
Slow flashingThe device is successfully initialized and running normally
WAN/ LANOffThe is no network connection 
Fast flashingNetwork is successfully connected

Slow flashing 4 secSIM card cannot be detected (flashing ever 4 seconds)
Fast flashing  SIM card has been inserted and successfully registered (flashing every 2 seconds)

Installation and connection

Make sure the PIN code of the SIM card is disabled.

  • Connect antennas to the rear panel of the gateway
  • Connect network cable to WAN/ PoE port
  • Insert a SIM card to the slot

The number of supported devices per one system:

  • For making calls: no limit
  • For sending SMS: currently only one DaySaver 

Note for WMS Network: the option "Remote PBX (for SMS sending)" in WMS Settings -> System -> FAX/SMS server doesn't work if another DaySaver is registered to one of the PBXs.

Provisioning and configuration

For provisioning of DaySaver, consult Provisioning of Wildix devices Guide.

For remote/unreachable media gateways behind NAT/ Firewall, follow Remote Provisioning of Wildix devices Manual.

After provisioning, the gateway appears in WMS:

  • WMS -> Devices:

Note: Auto-upgrade process can take up to 5 minutes. During the upgrade, a device downloads a new firmware, receives a password and SIP registration.
Please DO NOT reset the device during the upgrade procedure:

  • WMS -> Trunks:

Important: Status of signal quality is currently not supported!

After the device is provisioned, you can configure its settings. Consult Trunk Settings Guide to check all available parameters.

Data connection backup

How does it work?

DaySaver is your small remote office. It can work as a data connection backup, in case it your Internet goes down, and as a backup for Cloud PBX. And, same as its predeccessor, it provides phone calls and SMS even if your operator becomes unreachable (since it allows you placing calls via Mobile network).

DaySaver keeps monitoring the PBX and a other hosts and in case they become unreachable, it automatically switches to mobile data (4G connection). The gateway supports speeds up to 100 Mbit in download and 50 Mbit in upload.

Backup for the voice service: DaySaver is placed between the customer’s existing network and a separate VoIP Network (over vlan, for example). If the PBX becomes unreachable over network, DaySaver automatically switches the connectivity to 4G / LTE.

Without DaySaver:

With DaySaver:

Backup for an entire office: DaySaver is placed between the router and the whole network of the customer. In case the office internet connection goes down, all traffic starts working via DaySaver:

VoLTE configuration for backup

VoLTE Network allows using DaySaver as a backup for Cloud PBXs, as a backup for the cable Internet connection, or, even as the only Internet access for small offices or during the events.

To activate VoLTE, proceed with the following steps:

  • Go to Network -> VoLTE 
  • Check off Enable in Status field
  • Click Save
  • Confirm by clicking Apply

After activating VoLTE, network status can be checked in Status -> Overview -> VoLTE Network / Online:

To configure the device as a backup for Cloud PBXs:

  • Connect the device via LAN to a network switch
  • DaySaver via DHCP server distributes IP addresses from its range (check its status in  Status -> Overview -> DHCP Server)

Note: All other DCHP servers connected to a network switch should be disabled.

Important: If you do not connect DaySaver via WAN port to a router, you must assign a static IP to it. Otherwise the port will be assigned to IP address and DaySaver won't be registered to a PBX through LTE.

To use the device as a
backup for Internet connection:

  • Connect DaySaver via LAN to your PC. In case the Internet goes down, the devices switches to LTE and uses the cellular data

Note: IP address of LAN port and IP address of PC must be at the same network segment.

How to send/ receive SMS

Detailed description of how to send/ receive SMS: FAX/ SMS Server Quick Guide.

Factory reset and reboot

To perform a factory reset procedure for restoring default settings:

  • Press and hold Reset button for 10 seconds

To reboot the device:

  • Press and hold Reboot button for 10 seconds

Important: complete initialization and loading can take up to 5 minutes!

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