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The list of Custom Global Dialplan Variables that allow to change different parameters (WMS -> Dialplan -> General settings -> Set dialplan variables).

Updated: December 2020


Custom Global Dialplan Variables

DEBUG_LUA=all / file

Writes dialplan logs to file /tmp/calls/call-<caller>-<callee>-<date of start call>-<uniqid>.log. Set this value to file or all for activation described logs

DIALPLANLOGGER_MODE=syslog / file / core (default)

Writes dialplan logs to the following streams:

  • syslog stream (INFO - log level)
  • file with path /tmp/callweaver_call_<timestamp>.log
  • smart technology, that saves active calls to directory /tmp/calls/ and terminated to /tmp/calls/terminated (Required callweaver configuration for logs). This data showed on WMS debug page
FAXDEBUG=yes / no (default)Enable/ disable debug messages for applications SendFax or ReceiveFax
DIALNOINSTR=yes / no (default)Disable/ enable message in pre-answer services
CALLCOMPLETION=yes (default) / noDisable/ enable CallCompletion feature in pre-answer services
RETURNFROMTRANSFER=yes (default) / noDisable/ enable Return from Transfer feature (disabled by default for PBXs with "USA" country code except calls returning from parking)
EXTENDED_DEVSTATE=yes / no (default)Processing device state in case call to/from mobility/office phone (used to enable callwaiting, second mobility call)
WHotelFamily=string(WHOTEL) Set family and use as an indication of Wildix Hotel Integration with installed whoteld package
MinibarType=string(WHOTEL) Set minibar service type (used only for Wildix Hotel Integration with installed whoteld package)
GATTACH_LIMIT=X MBSet max attachment file size in MB (used for email attachments with mp3 file)
RECORDING_EMAIL=emailEmail address to receive a copy of all recordings (file is attached even if related options in General Dialplan settings are disabled)
FAX_MACHINE_ID=string IDSet fax machine ID (if not set in user preferences) for fax sending by user
FAX_HEADER=string headerSet fax header (if not set in user preferences) for fax sending by user
DISABLE_FORWARD_NOTIFICATION=yes / no (default)Enable/ disable audio notification in case of call forwarding
EXTNUMBERINFO=yes / no (default)Enable/ disable printing to dialplan logs information about the external number, like number type, country, etc
EXTCONTACTLOOKUP=yes (default) / noDisable/ enable caller name lookup feature via Worldwide Phonebook

=more than 3 (if less than 3, anyway 3 digits are required). Default value=5

Set the min number of digits in password PIN check.

IMPORTANT: this variable is no longer supported started from WMS release 3.86!!!!

HIDE_DTMF=yes (default) / noDisable / enable visualization of DTMFs on WP display


=X days

Auto deletion of Voicemails after X days

IMPORTANT: the variable is no longer supported starting from WMS release 3.86!!! Use the feature "Delete voicemails after X months" in WMS Settings -> PBX -> Call and chat history (documentation)

GFAXCONGESTION_TRY=X. Default value=30Number of retries of sending fax if no circuit/ channel available'
TEXTTOSPEECHyes (default) / noDisable/ enable user status reporting via TTS or Dynamic TTS in Dialplan. Documentation: Wildix Business Intelligence - Artificial Intelligence services
TEXTTOSPEECH_TIMEOUT=X seconds. Default value=3

Restrict synthesised waiting time in case TTS service is unavailable

DIAL_OPTIONS=stringAdd additional dial options (e.g. “g” – proceed with Dialplan execution at the next priority in the current extension if the destination channel hangs up), take an effect for following Dialplan applications: "Dial the phone", "Dial the trunk" or "Trunk group"
CW_SILENT_RINGTONE=yes (default) / no

Enable / disable silent ringtone for the second incoming call.

If variable set to "no": a second incoming call arrives during an active call, ringtone will be played loudly on the second device registered to the user's account

IVR_ASR=yes (default) / noDisable (return back to entering name via DTMF)/ enable dial by name using ASR for Dialplan application "Dial by name/ Directory"
IVR_ASR_SERVICES=yes (default) / noDisable (return back to entering name via DTMF)/ enable dial by name using ASR for Feature code "Directory"
FILTER_183180nosdp=1Resolve no ringback issue with some UK VoIP Operators
Dialplan variable can be also used in Dialplan before “Dial the trunk” application: add “Custom application” and enter into the field: Set(FILTER_183180nosdp=1)
DISPLAYINFOUSELOOKUP=yes (default) / noDisable/ enable displaying of caller name and company on incoming call from trunk. It is also possible to display additional info using "Set" Dialplan application. Refer to Dialplan applications Guide , Case 4, for details
DIALBYNAME_PROMPT=custom stringStarting from WMS 4.0X. Override a standard prompt when calling via "Dial By Name / Directory" Dialplan application or Feature code "Directory" 82 (ASR only). For example, DIALBYNAME_PROMPT=Please say the first name of the person you wish to call
USER_CAN_PAUSE_RECORDING=yes (default) / noStarting from WMS 4.0X. Allow users to pause/ resume a system recording via FC "Pause recording" *2
MULTILOGIN_SUPPORT=yes / no (default)

Starting from WMS 4.0X. Activate / deactivate auto logout of all the WP4X0 phones assigned to one user after performing logout via Feature Code "Login" 99 on a WP4X0


Starting from WMS 5.0X. Activate/ deactivate audio notification (beep) for call intrusionA beep sound is played when any type of call intrusion (including silent intrusion) is started.

REPORT_USER_STATUS_FOR_EXT_CALLS=all / status / no (default)

Starting from WMS 5.02. Enable/ disable reporting of user statutes for external calls. Documentation: Wildix Business Intelligence - Artificial Intelligence services.


  • all - the system reports user status, status message and duration if available
  • status - the system reports only user status
  • no - disables the feature

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