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CLASSOUND is the only solution that allows you to enjoy First Class Audio Quality all over the world, safely in the Cloud. It provides the First Class Sound you deserve, wherever you work.

CLASSOUND is a built-in VoIP trunk, available out of the box in the Wildix system, it is especially useful for international companies with offices in different countries because it gives them an opportunity to connect all of their offices using the same operator, and for companies who have customers and partners all over the world and simply need to place and receive international calls. 

More information on CLASSOUND: 

Read the document How to configure and use CLASSOUND.

Procedure to place a new DID order

Only Wildix Partners can send CLASSOUND order requests.

Step 1. Download and fill out the documents for your country


Canada GEO


For French DID we also need a customer’s business to be registered in the same area where the number is requested.

For a company end-user we will need to receive an Enterprise Registration Certificate/Business Registration document (such as a Kbis or INSEE document). Note that this document primarily serves as a proof of ID for a business end user. You can submit it also as the proof of address should the relevant address be stated on it. Should the relevant address not be stated on this document, you will need to provide a valid proof of address* in addition.  

*Valid proofs of address include third party issued monthly bank statements and public utility bills (showing regular use of services) that have been issued in the last six months and government documents (issued in the last year) and they must provide all the necessary information in the added address on the platform. 

Wildix Classound FRANCE


For German DID we also need a customer’s business to be registered in the same area where the number is requested. Acceptable documents are Handelsregisterauszug (Commercial Register) or Bescheinigung der Gewerbeanzeige (Business Registration).

Wildix Classound GERMANY


For Italian DID we also need a proof of Italian business registration (Visura) and the business owner’s national ID. 

Wildix Classound ITALY


Wildix Classound SPAIN


Wildix Classound SWITZERLAND


Wildix Classound UK


Wildix Classound USA LOA (1).zip

Step 2. Fill out the form and upload all the required documents 

Follow this link:  

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