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Sep 21, 2020 06:00

Ascom IP-DECT Base Station Integration

This guide describes the configuration for the Ascom IP-DECT base station Integration. 


Created: September 2020


Configuring the Ascom IP-DECT Base Station

DECT: System

DECT: Master

DECT: Crypto Master

DECT: Mobility Master

DECT: Radio

DECT: Radio config



DECT: Air Sync

Users: Users

DECT Phones subscription

Once the BS and the Wildix WMS are configured, we can subscribe to the DECT phones to the base station, following the Ascom guide.

Once the phone is connected to the BS, we con login by dialing *x*yyyy*zzzz#:

  • x is the home Master-id for this user
  • yyyy is the Number you want login to
  • zzzz is the Authentication Code for this user (if used)

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