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Update repository: rel40vitrociset

Wildix Firmware Package 2.0.50096 Date: 4.08.2020

New Firmware

New firmware for WP480G r3 v., WP490G r3 v., WorkForce v., WelcomeConsole v. added support for led indication of presence and call status on whs duoled and monoled headsets connected to workforce

[WMS-9419] - dev: fixed an issue in which incoming concurrent calls were routed only to BLF key "Line 1"

WMS Version 4.03.45282.28 Date: 20.07.2020


[WMS-8294] - sys: decreased call origination delay on devices connected via Failover PBX

[WMS-9060] - sys: improved Dialplan configuration syncing on Failover PBX

[WMS-9306] - sys: added Zabbix PBX related checks for check_mk user


[WMS-8511] - sys: fixed no audio issue after attended transfer if a transferee belonged to a different subnet

[WMS-8990] - col: increased the max number of CDR-View exported records up to 500 000

[WMS-9108] - sys: fixed no media issue for calls between Collaboration and Android application if callee had mobility feature enabled

[WMS-9115] - col: fixed behavior of "grouping by week" filter in CDR-View

[WMS-9138] - sys: fixed an issue with wrong billing calculation for calls through WMS Network

New Firmware

New firmware for WorkForce v.

[WMS-9097] - dev: WorkForce stability improvements

[WMS-9314] - dev: fixed an issue in which WorkForce failed to get DNS settings if Secondary DNS server was set via DHCP

WMS Version 4.03.45247.21 Date: 28.05.2020

New Feature

[WMS-8891] - sys: added possibility to enable the following features in Failover mode:

  • Continuity
  • Pre-answer services
  • Email notifications and user features


[WMS-8510] - sys: added Failover PBX IP to Firewall whitelist of PRI/ BRI media gateways

[WMS-9036] - sys: fixed an issue with rsyslogd configuration


[WMS-8986] - sys: additional fix for one way audio issue during mobility call if Direct RTP was enabled

[WMS-9005] - col: fixed an issue with predefined filters and grouping by department were not working in CDR-View 

WMS Version 4.03.45209.17 Date: 13.05.2020


[WMS-8743] - col: added support for filtering by Department in CDR-View

If Department is specified in user's settings in WMS, it is displayed as Group value. Note: This field is updated once every 24 hours after CDR-View launch.

[WMS-8800] - col: fixed an issue when it was impossible to apply filters and search for colleagues in CDR-View


[WMS-8676] - sys: fixed an issue in which WebAPI Wallboard stopped returning Call agents data after WMS Beta v. 4.03.45121.12

[WMS-8689] - wms: fixed an issue when a user with admin rights could still access Remote support menu in WMS even if it was restricted by ACL rule

[WMS-8839] - sys: fixed call drop issue after 25 minutes if it was placed between 2 Collaborations in WMS Network

[WMS-8840] - sys: fixed one way audio issue in case of mobility call if Direct RTP was enabled

[WMS-8844] - sys: SDES-SRTP optimization

[WMS-8862] - col: fixed an issue in which Filter Period by "Interval" in CDR-View didn't work

New Firmware

New firmware for WorkForce v.

[WMS-8929] - dev: performance and stability improvements for WorkForce phones

WMS Version 4.03.45109.12 Date: 25.03.2020


[WMS-7772] - sys: added support for up to 1000 nodes in WMS Network

[WMS-8061] - sys: enabled by default audio notification during call intrusion

A beep sound is played when call intrusion is started.
To disable it:

  • for all the system: go to WMS Dialplan -> General Settings -> Set dialplan variables -> add INTRUSION_NOTIFICATION=no
  • for a specific group of users: modify Dialplan procedure used for the group -> add Set application and insert INTRUSION_NOTIFICATION=no

[WMS-8283] - wms: optimized API response time for all endpoints with basic and session authentication

[WMS-8416] - sys: improved the logic of call forwarding to trunks

  • renamed the ACL "Trunk to trunk forward" to "Forward to trunk"
  • changed the behaviour: now the ACL blocks all call forwards to trunk received from trunk/ user extension


[WMS-8072] - sys: fixed one way audio issue in case a call wasn't answered from WP phone and than routed and answered by a Call group member

[WMS-8432] - sys: fixed no audio issue after enabling video during a call through WMS Network in some rare cases

[WMS-8446] - wms: optimized the option to configure/ sync device (WMS -> Devices) for systems with large amount of devices

[WMS-8565] - sys: fixed an issue in which configuration sync between Main and Secondary PBXs could not work in some cases

New Firmware

New firmware for WP480GR3 v., WP490GR3 v.,  WelcomeConsole v.

[WMS-6918] - dev: fixed an issue with delay of handling calls on WP480GR3, WP490GR3, WelcomeConsole in Failover environment if Secondary PBX was down

WMS Version 4.03.45075.08


[WMS-7773] - sys: added support for showing up to 0,0001 in cost calculation in pricelist and CDR-View

  • new option "Decimal places number in Cost" is available in CDR-View -> Settings and allows changing the number of decimal places to be shown.

[WMS-8245] - sys: Identities feature is now compatible with ACl rule "Can/cannot - call pickup" 

[WMS-8275] - sys: Reverse proxy improvement:

Added adaptive threading based on the system resources:

  •  by default, thread value is set to 1 thread regardless processor cores
  • if a system has > 2 cores and > 2Gb of memory, threads are distributed in auto mode

[WMS-8375] - sys: improved system performance for systems with large amount of users (> 3000 users)


[WMS-7892] - sys: fixed a random no audio issue after enabling video during a call between two Collaborations

[WMS-8280] - sys: fixed an issue in which Presence server sent the same list of devices every minute if a user had more than 1 offline device

New Firmware

New firmware for WP480GR3 v., WP490GR3 v., WelcomeConsole v.

[WMS-8235] - dev: Identity number is now matched with BLF "Line" when calling from WP history or receiving an incoming call

Current limitation: no LED indication for BLF keys located on WelcomeConsole-EXT or the second page of WP480 r3 and WelcomeConsole

WMS Version 4.03.45030.07

New Feature

[WMS-7816] - wms: added support for W04FXO R3 Media Gateway on WMS interface


[WMS-7652] - wms: added back the option to assign unprovisioned devices that were added via WMP to users

[WMS-8083] - sys: root-menu improvements:

  • removed deprecated/ non-operational functions
  • changed reset admin password logic to auto generation and random password with at least 12 chars length

[WMS-8128] - sys: moved support for Wildix devices to a separate module of Presence server

[WMS-8211] - sys: Identities feature improvements:

  • Fixed an issue when missed calls to identity numbers were not displayed in caller's history on WP
  • A real caller's number is now not displayed during calls to a Call group that contains agents with identity numbers
  • It is now possible to forward a call to identity number. For this purpose:
    • create a separate Dialplan procedure "identities_routing"
    • set the identity number as a called number in Dialplan
    • use "Set" application to set the variable __TO_IDENTITY: Set  ->__TO_IDENTITY →${EXTEN}
    • use "Dial the phone" application to dial the real user number
    • make sure "identities_routing" is added to Included procedures of Dialplan for managing incoming calls


[WMS-7400] - wms: fixed an issue with logout on WP4X0 being not performed after it was assigned to "Unknown" account

[WMS-7789] - col: fixed a rare issue in which web phone was unavailable in Collaboration and colleagues in user's roster were displayed as offline 

[WMS-8092] - sys: fixed one way audio issue after holding and resuming a long call (>10 min)

[WMS-8096] - col: fixed a rare issue in which Collaboration could freeze after receiving a message via push notification

[WMS-8102] - sys: fixed an issue with espamonitor not matching any rule if it was different from rule_default

[WMS-8115] - sys: fixed an issue when ACL permissions for outgoing calls were not checked for users of "Fax" type

Note: Before upgrade, please verify ACL permissions for users of "Fax" type.

[WMS-8124] - sys: fixed an issue in which Presence server caused high CPU usage in high load environment

[WMS-8142] - sys: fixed an issue when XMPP server couldn't start in rare conditions in high load environment

[WMS-8186] - col: fixed an issue in which a group chat created on a mobile app didn't appear in Collaboration

[WMS-8203] - app: WIService 2.11.12 (Windows) fixes:

  • an issue in which dialing hot keys were not working after PC waking from sleep mode
  • a crash issue while being connected to Multiuser environments (Citrix, Windows Server)

[WMS-8210] - sys: fixed an issue with PBX engine being locked in some cases when picking up a call placed using Identities feature

[WMS-8215] - sys: fixed a route error during s2s connection to Presence server 

[WMS-8232] - wms: fixed an issue with Devices pages in WMS being not accessible if PBX was unreachable via Internet

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